Brussels - 2023 (current)

This wooden extension is facing the cemetery of Ixelles.

The studio is a rectangle with a terrace on the front and the kitchen on the left. On the right, behind the roof, are all the technical rooms and the sanitary facilities.


Wezembeek-Oppem - 2021 (current)

Enveloppe is made out of re-used bricks and inside coatings will be made out ouf raw earth.

The apparent wood structure allows the creation of free plans on both floors. All the techniques are aligned along the nord facade.

atelier desmedt

Brussels - 2023 (current)

Reconversion of a workshop & courtyard in to an house & garden.

Building insulated and renovated to create a generous and illuminated living room. As usual we’ve try to show the materials as they are and place cork on the floor.

The actual mineral courtyard is transform into a garden.

Special attention is placed on the rainwater management. The rain goes from the roof trought a gargoyle then a basin and a planted wadi. This playful journey for water is a way to promoting a more complete ecosystem.

duplex sorbiers

Kraainem - 2023 (current)

The project consist in the creation of an independent kangoroo dwelling for a couple on the top of their parents’ house.

We’re focusing on materiality and spaces.

Let’s be generous!


Brussels - 2022 (current)

Opening and extension of the EQUINOXE project living room.

This renovation showcases the quality materials installed a century ago.


Ngulunzamba - 2021/2022

As many local materials as possible and a very simple plan to create this place of prayer and meditation.

This project explored the idea of building with, rather than controlling. Bricks and wood create friendship.


Pondrôme - 2021

Construction of a hermitage along a small, isolated grove. It is designed in parts to be transported and assembled on site with minimal tools.

This participative project was carried out with scouts and friends. Most of the materials were reclaimed: windows, doors, sheep’s wool, sheet metal, panels, sawmill off-cuts, beams and stones. Only the bakelised panels were purchased to create a sober façade that lets each material express itself.